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The Ecoplanet brand was launched in 2014. The first products of the brand were the most common LED bulbs, which in a short time became appreciated and enjoyed great demand.

Today, the Ecoplanet range comprises over 250 products from various categories of LED sources and luminaires. It covers the needs of both residential and industrial / commercial customers.

Being on the market for over 7 years, Ecoplanet has managed to become one of the most appreciated brands of led sources and lighting fixtures on the Romanian market. This was due to several factors such as: the development of the product range, the development and improvement of existing products, safe products (very low rate of defective products), etc.

During this time Ecoplanet has become a popular brand not only in Romania but also in other states – it enjoys a growing demand in every market where it has managed to mark its presence.

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ECOPLANET product range

Currently, the Ecoplanet range includes over 250 various products from the LED lighting category:

  • LED bulbs

  • LED tubes

  • LED roofs

  • Apply LED

  • LED spotlights

  • LED projectors

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