The company is present on several sales channels so as to satisfy the highest demand in the market! We are constantly evolving, becoming a reliable partner for many customers and suppliers.

The distribution is the first B2B division within BCV International Group. It is the main activity, on the basis of which the current business has developed.

In order to optimize the delivery process, the territory of the country is divided into distribution areas, each area being offered its own distribution fleet and a regional sales representative. We have a national presence (all counties) through sales representatives or through regional distributors.

In addition to the standard distribution division, it was complemented by exports to some EU and non-EU countries. Our products are exported to many countries and enjoy a good appreciation.

The second important division is Retail, ie physical stores.

Following a merger, through another company of the BCV International Group, several physical stores were taken over, including in the largest wholesale shopping complex in Romania.

Through these stores we cover another high demand in the electrical materials market.

Having products for industrial use in the portfolio, it was necessary to create the Projects division.

Over time, several products and solutions have been provided for various projects at national level: public street lighting, park lighting, lighting and electrical equipment for office and storage spaces, lighting and electrical equipment for residential spaces, etc.

Among the products from its own range of seas supplied were:

  • LED bulbs T100 30W / T120 40W / T140 50w;
  • LED streetlights;
  • LED floodlights with and without sensor;
  • Electric cables and conductors;
  • Various types of devices, etc.

Online is the company’s newest division, and it has grown rapidly and significantly in recent years.

We promote our company and products through several platforms. Our products can be purchased on several platforms:

  • eMag Romania
  • eMag Hungary
  • Doraly.ro
  • Bizoo
  • Facebook: coming soon
  • Amazon: coming soon